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Company News >> Why customer choose IR infrared tech

Infrared  heat lamp tech,
What is IR Infrared Tech ?
Infrared (IR) is a part of electromagnetic spectrum ranging from 0.76μm to 1000μm and lies just beyond red color of visible light. Infrared is invisible. However it has properties similar to light i.e. it travels at the speed of light, it can be directed or focused and it travels very well even in vacuum.
When IR radiation is absorbed by an object, heat is generated internally in the object as IR causes the atom of the object to vibrate, raising its temperature. IR does not need any medium like air or water to heat a substance.
NIR--- SW (short wave infrared): 0.76~1.7μm

What about Yuanda NIR?

ⅰ8 intervals divided for precise heating
The wavelength of an infrared emitter has major influence on the efficiency of a thermal process. The better the emitted wavelength fits the absorption spectrum of the object to be heated, the more efficient the process. Yuanda Infrared divides SW, Fast MW and MW into 8 intervals according to the properties of materials heated to perfectly match the absorption wavelength of the work piece.